Updating My Closet

redoing my closet


I don’t know if it’s just me or not but it seems like after I’m done being pregnant I get this huge urge to go shopping and get some new clothes. I don’t know if it’s because I’m tired of wearing the same clothes over and over again, too excited to get back to a normal figure or I just have too much time on my hands during all the late-night feedings but after the birth of N I did some shopping. But this time instead of just going to the store and buying a bunch of random items I decided to try out the capsule wardrobe idea.

My Guide for buying pieces for the capsule wardrobe.

If you don’t know, the whole idea behind having a capsule wardrobe is to have a limited number of items in your closet – most experts say around 37 pieces or less including shoes and accessories. Not only do you have a limited amount of pieces but they all work together so when you are getting ready in the morning it’s quick, easy and less stressful.

I’m a pretty simple dresser. When I’m at home I’m usually in a t-shirt/ tank top and some sweats, out in public it’s a t-shirt and jeans. I’m not a shoe person and I don’t have a huge jewelry collection so I thought this capsule wardrobe was something that was feasible for me so I’m giving it a try.

The before shot – My clothes take up the top row and the first section before the shoe organizer. The rest are Wes’ clothes.

First, I pulled everything out of my closet and sorting them into five different piles. Love it, Maybe, No, Seasonal and Occasional Wear. I also did another pile, pregnancy.
Love it – items that I would wear right then and there,
Maybe – items that I’m not completely sure about, you like it but something about it just isn’t right,
No – things you bought but never ever wear,
Seasonal – items that only fit into a certain season such as shorts or turtlenecks.
Occasional wear – items that you only wear on certain occasions such as fancy dress or suits.


I decided that I’m going to have two seasons for my closet – fall/winter, and spring/summer. Since I live in Indiana and we experience all four seasons (sometimes even in the course of a week) I knew that I would have some pieces that only would work for winter or summer but not both. Those items are either shorts or short dresses and sweaters and long-sleeve shirts all the other pieces will stay in my closet all year long.

My maybe pile was better than I thought it would be. There were some pieces that I just wasn’t sure that I wanted to let go of but I knew that I didn’t need them in my closet all the time. I put all the maybe items and the seasonal items inside a storage box that is under my stored under my bed.


Being only a month postpartum I’m still in the between stage of pregnancy clothes and regular clothes so I did keep a few pieces of my maternity wardrobe like my pants and a few shirts. My maternity t-shirts are actually some of my favorite shirts to wear around the house. Since I don’t have the huge belly anymore, they end up being pretty long and cover a lot so they are perfect for my legging days, which happen a lot during the week. I put the maternity clothes that I know that I won’t wear again in a large storage bag that is waiting to be taken down to the basement.


I ended up getting rid/ donating a lot of clothes. I tried to be as realistic about ‘am I going to wear this again’ as I possibly could be and I ended up getting rid of a lot of my old work clothes. I haven’t worked outside the home in over 2 years and don’t have any plans on going back anytime soon so it didn’t make sense to hold onto those items. I also find myself wearing dresses to church a lot so that also allowed me to get rid of a lot of my old work clothes. I also got rid of anything that I was keeping just in case because I never found myself wearing/ using them so it just wasn’t worth taking up the extra space. I ended up donating 3 bags of clothes and one bag of shoes.

From the grey striped shirt forward is my maternity clothes section.

After going through and getting rid of the maybe,  no, seasonal and most of the maternity clothes  I was left with some good staple pieces.  A nice selection of cardigans (I love cardigans – they are my go for fall and winter), a couple shirts and a few dresses.  A nice starting place but I did a few more items to really make it work.


One tip on refilling my closet that I read about was trying to find a style icon or just a style that you like and try to recreate that – I choose Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper. I started watching the old episodes of Fixer Upper while I was nursing N at night and I realized that I really liked her style – It’s simple, very jeans and t-shirt but stylish and that’s the route that I wanted to go. I wanted to be able to pull a couple of pieces out of my closet and look pulled together.


I didn’t have a big budget to buy these new pieces so I went to Old Navy. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Old Navy. I really like their pieces of items and they always seem to have items on sale but I’m not always crazy about their quality and how hard it is to find things. But I have found that their quality of their items vary and overall don’t have a problem for what I need it for.


I ended up purchasing 5 basic t-shirts: a black, a white, a gray, a light blue and a white/navy stripe shirt.


I also bought a few button down shirts (something that I didn’t really have before); a white tunic, a light blue and a denim color.


I also branched out a little bit and got a short black dress. I don’t find myself wearing a dress too often outside of church but I would like to try to do so a little bit more and this dress is very much my style. It’s simple and flowly and does a good job hiding all my little areas that I would like to hide a little more.


The last times that I got weren’t from Old Navy but a couple of online stores. I decided to get a couple of printed shirts to have a more casual style for when I don’t feel like wearing just a plain shirt.

I still have a couple of items that I would like to get such as gray and/or black jeans, a couple bright colored shirts and maybe a couple pieces of jewelry.

Overall this was a great project I was able to go through my closet and finally get rid of the pieces that I only stare at but never wear.  I’m really excited for fall to come so I can wear more of my new pieces and really give this capsule wardrobe a try.

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2 thoughts on “Updating My Closet

  1. I’m getting ready to start a capsule wardrobe, too! Well, I’ll be doing two of them… One for spring/summer and one for fall/winter. (I’m in Michigan, so I feel you on the seasons!) That black t-shirt dress from Old Navy is an A+ choice. I have it in gray and in black, and I have the long-sleeved version in black and burgundy. They’re all great for layering (or wearing alone if it’s hot!) and changing up. 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Megan! x


    1. Good luck with redoing your closet and taking on the capsule wardrobe. It really does make getting ready in the morning super easy. And you are right the black dress is an A+, it’s perfect for a night out or just running around town. I can’t wait to try pairing it with some boots and scarf for fall.

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